EcoCloud360 Offers World’s First 100% Sustainable Cloud

For those of us who care about the world that we’re leaving behind for our children, the use of energy-inefficient technology can weigh heavily on our mind. The immense carbon footprint left by the data centers hosting popular online services like file storage, web mail, the Cloud and online applications is something we often underestimate, because the energy required to power the data centers and keep them running at the right temperature is something distant and intangible to us.
It’s easy to see how switching off a light bulb at home reduces our energy consumption and carbon footprint, but the fact of the matter is our reliance on these services contributes heavily to the carbon emissions we humans subject the Earth to on a daily basis.
Research has shown the traditional cloud computing can reduce the carbon footprint an individual or company creates through the use of IT by 30-90%. Cloud computing is a step in the right direction, but for a truly revolutionary reduction in carbon emissions, we must look to zero-emission cloud computing platforms like EcoCloud360.

EcoCloud360 – a Truly Green Cloud Service
EcoCloud360 is the world’s first and only sustainable Cloud service – all of the energy used to power the data centers comes from hydro-electric and geo-thermal sources. There is 0% carbon emission, making these data centers 100% green and 100% clean. EcoCloud360’s data servers are housed in Iceland, which offers the cheapest and greenest energy in the world, all the while running on a solid infrastructure.

EcoCloud360’s Services
EcoCloud360 offer everything you would expect from a professional cloud service with the added benefit of being completely green. EcoCloud360 caters to both personal and business customers, with the following services:
• EcoMail – 1 GB ad-free mailboxes with spam protection and 99.9% uptime guaranteed
• EcoBackup – Enjoy nightly backups with 30 days of stored data and user-manageable scheduled backups
• EcoShare – Fully customizable SharePoint 2010 hosting for workplace collaboration
• EcoExchange – Host your Microsoft Exchange server on Microsoft Certified Partner EcoCloud360’s carbon-emission-free servers
• EcoColocation – Secure collocated servers with hassle-free managed hardware maintenance
• EcoServer – Run your own custom server on the world’s first green Cloud solution
• EcoHosting – Pay-by-usage economical server hosting
• EcoCRM – Microsoft’s customer relationship management software, giving your sales team the edge

Add Ecocloud360 to Your Business Strategy
With increasing legislation on carbon credits, lowering one’s carbon footprint has not just a humanitarian benefit, but a financial one. Using EcoCloud360’s 100% sustainable Cloud service lowers the amount of carbon tax your business will need to pay, and because the service is purposefully hosted where energy is cheap, EcoCloud360s prices are highly competitive. This makes EcoCloud360 the logical and smart choice for individuals, small businesses and corporations alike.

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