What type of a cloud server does my company need?

A cloud server like EcoServer.

Now you are going to definitely ask why? I’m here to tell you that at EcoCloud360 we deliver on our promises, and we promise that EcoServer, along with being 100% Eco-friendly, has the following characteristics :

1. Guaranteed up time

EcoServer Uptime

We guarantee EcoServer will be available 99.99% of the time, excluding scheduled maintenance so you have round-the clock access to your carbon-free server.

2. Retain Full control

EcoServer Full Control

EcoServer offers full control of your Cloud environment. This includes command line access to all of your virtual machines, customizable firewalls, site-to-site VPNs, and more. But it doesn’t require you to learn unfamiliar technologies or systems.

3. Deploy and manage with ease

Eco Server Manage

EcoServer lets you deploy virtual machines in just a few clicks. Your virtual machines are pre-configured to ensure your time is spent building your assets, not constructing your environment.

4. Scalability

EcoServer Dynamic

EcoServer makes it very easy for you to deploy your applications efficiently around your existing needs, instead of overprovisioning—and overpaying—to hedge against future growth.

5. Security

EcoServer Security

EcoServer is protected by strict physical (fire suppression and redundant power systems) and legislative security measures. We raise the bar on data security and hold ourselves accountable for the security of our users’ data, as we do for ourselves.

6. Speed

EcoServer Speed

EcoServer uses state-of-the-art processors to deliver excellent processing speeds so you don’t have to think twice about data speeds or about carbon emissions.


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