Why does my company need EcoColocation?

At EcoCloud360 we keep a completely transparent relationship with our clients. We make sure that you know what your paying for and that your money does not go wasted. Now, why does your company really need EcoColocation to grow?

To begin with, what exactly is Colocation?

A Colocation is a data center facility in which a business can rent space for servers and other computing hardware. At EcoCloud360, we provide businesses with Eco-Friendly servers to keep their data both safe and green.

What features of EcoColocation makes it a great it for you?

1. Guaranteed up time


If your network is down, your business can come to a standstill. We guarantee that our data center network will be available 99.99% of the time, excluding scheduled maintenance.

2. Remote management

We provide tools to remotely manage your environment so you have constant access to your data at all times. You retain full control and administrative responsibility over the hosting environment (operating system and applications).

3. Hassle-free Hardware Maintenance

We own the hardware and all parts of hardware life cycle management so you don’t have to own or maintain the hardware. Our hardware is state-of-the-art leaving you with nothing to worry about and just a whole lot of guilt-free data colocation.

4. Highly Secure Data Centers and Network

Our data centers are located in Iceland. Iceland has adopted EEA legislation and personal privacy is protected by constitution and as such, when you use EcoColocation, your data is highly safe and secure and away from prying eyes.


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