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Our team of talented and highly educated professionals are not only putting their best foot forward because that’s who they are, but out of a deep-rooted passion to help the environment.

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CEO & Founder - Olafur K. Olafsson

Olafur is an entrepreneur and visionary leader who first started an IT business during tech boom of the 1990’s. His mission was to help organizations find ways to cut costs while maintaining efficiency. As a Native from Iceland, Olafur understands the importance of his country’s geo-thermal energy source. With his technological background, Olafur discovered that Iceland provides the perfect environment for housing data centers. Today, his main goal is to develop a system for other countries to benefit from Iceland’s inexpensive, 100% carbon emission free energy; thus eliminating any carbon footprint. Since awarded the opportunity of becoming the first US distributer for Iceland’s data centers, Olafur has been working on building EcoCloud360.

The EcoCloud360 Team

Our team of highly talented and spirited professionals includes MBAs, PMP and CISSP Certified professionals, amongst others. The EcoCloud360 Team spans across many countries including Iceland, United States, India, Turkey, Netherlands and Germany. We are currently working to develop our tools, website and marketing that is necessary to make sure this project is successful on a global scale.


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