EcoCloud360 Services at a glance

Sustainable Cloud Services

EcoCloud360 is one of a kind and offers wide range of sustainable Cloud services for individual users and businesses so that “carbon offsets” won’t be necessary and we can all easily use eco-friendly email, eco-friendly hosting and other green cloud services. EcoMail EcoShare EcoBackup EcoExchange EcoColocation EcoServer EcoHosting EcoCRM… read more

Where in the world is my data?


For starters, we have chosen Iceland as home to our EcoCloud360 because along with having the lowest energy prices in the world, Iceland has not only the greenest but also the most affordable data centers available today. With global concerns about climate change, world leaders of government and business are looking to Iceland’s progressive example… read more

Why a Sustainable Cloud?

Sustainable Cloud

Cloud computing, being an emerging technology also raises significant questions about its environmental sustainability. While financial benefits of Cloud computing have been analyzed widely in the literature, the energy efficiency of Cloud computing as a whole has not been analyzed. The Cloud data centers are quite different from traditional hosting facilities. A cloud data center… read more