1GB mailboxes

We are on a mission to reduce the carbon footprint and change the world. So, for a small additional fee, we would be happy to provide you with more storage to keep all your carbon-free email in one place. We eliminate the need to make up our costs by selling your data. Everybody wins!


Spam & Virus Protection

Spam & Virus Protection

Keep your carbon-free email safe from email-borne threats. Messages received from external mailboxes undergo up to three spam and virus scans. Spam emails take up a lot of space and contribute to carbon emissions. We nip it at the source and prevent Spam instead of dealing with its consequences later.

EcoServer Uptime
Guaranteed uptime

At Ecocloud360 We guarantee EcoMail will be available 99.99% of the time, excluding scheduled maintenance so you have round-the clock access to your carbon-free email.


Synchronize Mail

Stay connected, and on the go

Easily synchronize your eco-friendly Ecomail, contacts and calendars with your smartphones and mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, etc.

Ad-free Privacy

Unlike other hosted email services such as Google Gmail™, Microsoft Hotmail®, and Yahoo!® Email, your zero-carbon emissions EcoMail does not read your email, and we never show you ads. EcoMail is protected by strict physical and legislative security measures that prevent third-parties from accessing your information.