Green Earth Data has set up shop in Europe and the United States to link clients to Thor Data Center. – NY Times

Microsoft, Google, Facebook and others are in an undeclared race to build the most energy-efficient data center in the United States. They are clustering in places like western North Carolina and eastern Oregon where coal, natural gas and nuclear run the show. But they are also pouring resources into state-of-the-art servers, heating and cooling equipment, and ventilation to lower electricity needs. “The real fix is using clean energy, then they won’t have to worry about how much energy they use.” Says Olafur Olafsson, CEO, Green Earth Data – NY Times

With global concerns about climate change, world leaders of government and business are looking to Iceland’s progressive example of low-impact living and independence from fossil fuels.  Some energy-intensive industries have already relocated to Iceland in order to reduce cost and pollution. – Iceland Naturally