Eco Collaboration


EcoShare uses SharePoint 2010, which provides all the features required for effective workplace collaboration such as the co-authoring feature to work simultaneously with colleagues on documents, improved calendar that makes it easy to schedule meetings and keep track of your schedule, better information sharing with improved wiki and team sites, etc. EcoShare even provides new navigation feature that lets you collaborate with ease from your mobile device.


SharePoint Server


All standard views of list items in SharePoint Server 2010 now use the customizable XSLT list view Web Part, making list view customization in SharePoint faster and easier. From SharePoint Designer 2010, you can quickly apply custom styles to SharePoint’s list views and format rows based on their content. Stronger integration between InfoPath, Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010 enable you to more easily customize SharePoint lists, views, and workflows.


Content Management

Content management

EcoShare uses the latest features in SharePoint Server 2010, such as Enterprise Content Management to manage documents, records and digital assets more efficiently, Managed Metadata feature for easy management of taxonomies and metadata across your SharePoint sites, The Document Center site to more easily manage your documents in one location and the Flexible Policy and Records Management feature to choose whether to manage records in place or in a central repository – all with the added
advantage of reducing the carbon footprint.


Remote management

Get better answers, faster

New Search features in SharePoint Server 2010 make it easier for you to locate more relevant information and find colleagues quickly and efficiently. Improvements include a new results layout that refines information into categories, and includes better descriptions and metadata. In addition, people who are in your social circle will appear toward the top of your search results.


Site Management

Site management

Several new features related to permissions management, site design and an international user interface optimize how you can use, design and access SharePoint sites and content. You can View and adjust permission levels, including item-level permissions, for a particular user or group using the new permissions management tool, change colors and fonts for a site using newly supported theme files and make your site internationally accessible by changing the language of your site with ease.